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Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is in our name! Rainfall is ready to help you achieve a healthy & attractive landscape with a water efficient irrigation system. Our highly experienced team is certified to design, install, repair, maintain, and upgrade sprinkler systems. Our seamless, underground installation techniques make sure your property always looks its best!

Enhance and Illuminate the Way

Landscape Lighting

Let Rainfall bring your ideas to light. Our outdoor landscape lighting services offers ambiance, security, and the chance to highlight your landscape elements at night. Easily and affordably transform your property into an attractive and beautifully lit space.

Dependable Team to Meet Your Needs

Maintenance & Repair

No matter what your irrigation or landscape lighting maintenance and repair needs, Rainfall is the right place to call. From repairs for broken pipes and low water pressure problems to lighting fixture replacement and low voltage lighting repair, our highly trained team is ready to tackle the most challenging issue and find right solution without breaking the bank.


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