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Let me give a big shout-out to Vera in the office, and Omar and Geno in the field, for their work on my irrigation system today.


Back story – I have fescue grass front and back, and this is the time of year to overseed. I had a sprinkler head adjacent to my driveway that was recently destroyed by a vehicle. Twice a day, while watering my new seedlings, this sprinkler head was washing my driveway, but not keeping the seedlings moist.


Today – I called Rainfall Irrigation (Monday, 10/19/20) at about 10:00 AM. Vera said she had a crew in the area and would see if they could swing by. A few minutes before 11:00 AM, Omar called from the truck and said they could be there in 20 minutes. Twenty minutes later, he and Geno arrived. Geno quickly went to work replacing the demolished sprinkler head. I asked Omar if he could “tune up“ the rest of the system. He agreed and started the process. One replaced valve and six zone inspections later, my system is now purring like it did 7-10 years ago when it was first installed. And the bill – very, very reasonable for two technicians for one hour, one new sprinkler head and one new valve. Thank you, thank you, Rainfall Irrigation!!


– Matt Fronzak

I wanted to thank you and your wife for excellent service. your customer service is impeccable. initially in the cold month of December you installed a sprinkler system for me. great affordable price as you sought a day that was the least cold for that month. You continued to check out my system and maintain any parts that may have been broken or damaged throughout the year. Your staff were always timely and friendly. Thanks so much. Blessings continually to you and yours.


– Adrian Arnold

Joe, Glen and their team were phenomenal to work with. I recently moved into a new home where the sprinkler system wasn’t correctly laid out and fully functional. Glen completed a thorough inspection for free & provided recommendations to fix the system. After planning the work, their team did a phenomenal job updating my system (new controller, all new heads, moved multiple heads, capped off others). Their team was professional, great to work with, and they took very good care of my backyard while fixing the system. Pricing was very fair, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone needing irrigation installation or repair!


– Nick Keith

Learned of this company through the recommendation of a neighbor. Very easy to schedule with. Arrived promptly. Courteous, efficient and thorough service. The technicians checked my irrigation system and found an irrigation head completely buried underground, obviously not performing its intended purpose. The technicians quickly dug the head out and remedied the problem. Also replaced my rain sensor. Very pleased with service and pricing, the latter of which was less than several competitors. Highly recommended!


– Joanne Agliata